About us

Who we

A distribution partner with a difference. Our brand becomes your brand and we grow together. TMBP is a brand representation and distribution specialist agency based in Brisbane, Australia.

We exclusively partner with leading brands in the rapidly growing Health, Wellness and Recovery technology space, with a proven track record of rapid brand growth and exposure in the Australian and New Zealand markets. As an experienced brand representation and distribution firm, TMBP ensures brands become entrenched in the market, the right way, encompassing multiple channels.

Equipped to deliver with a dedicated team focused across all channels. What sets The Move Better Project apart from other distribution agencies in Australia, is our ability to ‘become your brand’, our history in creating highly successful brand partnerships, and our ability to sustain them.

What sets
us apart

As brand representation and distribution specialists, TMBP have an edge over traditional distribution agencies. Our brand-focused sales and digital teams bring to life your mission, and achieve instant market penetration because we understand the importance of true brand representation through consistent branding, web design, digital marketing and good ol' fashioned boots on the ground sales!

TMBP combines this background with the very best team with the skills to perform as your face of the brand in the region, knowing that our strategy works. TMBP is always entirely focused and strategically driven on giving your brand the highest chance of success in a crowded and competitive market.

Our success is due to our highly skilled sales specialists across multiple channels, as well as digital performance marketing all as part of our in-house team. This enables the TMBP to produce immediate results as your brand partner.

Why work
with us

Driven by outcomes, TMBP is unashamedly flexible and agile. Our team is committed only to the success of your brand. There are no egos here. Our simple mission is to ensure we uphold and represent your brands reputation by delivering a service of the highest standard across all our departments.

For a company such as TMBP, it’s all about reputation. When it comes to brand representation you can be sure that what we provide is of the highest standard. At the end of the day, your reputation forms our reputation, so delivering a service above industry standard is the aim.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. TMBP are highly experienced in brand strategy and strategic direction, we know the most important part of presenting and distributing your brand to the local Aus/NZ market, is to authentically replicate what has made your brand so great in other markets around the world. We will add our local knowledge to your already successful brand model, and implement a local strategy to rollout successfully.